Vertigo Recording Services covers all technical aspects of the studio business including system design, installation and support. Established in 1981, the company had grassroots beginnings in owner Charlie Bolois’ garage workshop in the valley with no air conditioning. Now the company has more than 30 large-scale Euphonix console installations and over 100 other studio installations, both analog and digital, for clients such as Van Halen, Elton John, MCA Music and many others. Charlie and his chief technician Kevin Kaiser are the only authorized Studer service reps for the Western U.S.

Charlie is also the inventor of the patented Vertigo patchbay cleaning tools, which have been widely used by clients such as the Grateful Dead and the CIA.


Studio installations (analog & digital)
Euphonix console installations
Custom mastering consoles
Vintage consoles
Studer restoration
API Consoles
Mic Repair
Curing ground hums
Tape machines


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